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MY First Novel!

First Novel


Rocco and Nate are two buddies taking a road trip across a futuristic, climate ravaged, America. While Nate is just along for the ride, Rocco has a more sinister agenda that puts them both in the cross-hairs of an AI battle that spans the globe.

Their trip will intersect with harsh editors, a corrupt lawyer, and a charming assassin. They receive help from Luna, a quick witted hacker, Daniel, a mysterious old trucker, and Epsilon, an indifferent, but massive hurricane. Not many road trips include a drone battle with the freedom of the world at stake, but this one does.

My Work

Learning to Blog…

Hi, I started this blog for the usual reasons. Curiosity.

Learning to Write…

Writing a Novel…

Here is an excerpt:  “Sam,” Jack said, “You know the difference between an author and his book?” Sam, appeared to think a minute. “No, can’t say…” he answered. “ You can shut the book up.” Sam laughed and slapped the bar.

Learning to Live…

Laid off after 18 years. What an odd feeling. Got up this morning. Here it is Friday and I have nowhere to be. Guess I’ll work on that novel.

About Me

Hi, I’m Mike. This website is just an experiment in self expression.

These days I write to create. I write to express. I write to remember…

I have steadily worked at various jobs for 35 years. It sounds like an accomplishment, but it feels like I have lost half a lifetime…

Thank you for stopping by!


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